Clorado Tornado May 31 2010
I have seen 98 tornadoes!

Tornado Warning!  Stunning Colorado Tornado!
This tornado will be featured in October 2011 issue of National Geographic!

Forecasted within 3 miles by Ron the day before! Image taken May 31, 2010.

I have seen 98 tornadoes!
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Tornado Warning Pampa Texas! May 15, 2009

Tornado Warning!  1/2 Mile Wide Pampa TX, May 15 2009.
Shot by Ron using Canon 20D and 10/22mm ultra-wide angle lens. 
You can see the 70mph wind streaks howling on the ground near the car!
Lightning from this storm blew out 5 windows in our tour vans!
I have spent over 10,000hrs and 20 years reading and researching mesoscale supercellular thermodynamics. 
I then overlay Upper charts/flow characteristics, systematic climatology along with computer model graphs and weather charts.
5 years alone have been spent researching dryline storms and RFD/FFD surface convergence interaction zones.  Micro-Scale Thermodynamic Boundary Forcing that leads to possible tornadic thunderstorms and tornadogenesis.  It is this knowledge and understanding that enables me to forecast and intercept tornadoes.


Tornado Warning!  Awesome Rotating Mesocyclone!!  Valentine NE, July 14 2009.
This storm produced "4 inch" hail and 70mph winds in the core!!
It also had "3 tornado" signatures on it at the same time!!
This storm was simply "UNBELIEVABLE!!!" in person!!


Tornado Warning!  Another image of the May 31, 2010 Colorado Tornado. 
I drove from Sante Fe NM to Springfield Colorado.
The storm
was forecasted within 3 miles by Ron the day before!

Storm Chasing Business Licence: #140868373
Registered with the Government of Ontario
U.S. and Canada Certified Storm Spotter
US NWS Advanced Certified Storm Spotter
Environment Canada Certified Storm Spotter #00569

Also see the listed EC thunderstorm handbook, basic and advanced SKYWARN web sites for much more detailed reading information & understanding of severe weather.

I have been storm chasing in tornado alley for 15 years and I have seen over 250 jaw dropping supercell thunderstorms, awesome shelf clouds, fantastic mammatus clouds, lightning storms, huge hail, deadly flash flooding and

To see a few of my on-line news letters, past chase photos, other storm related web sites and information, click these links below:


Tornado Warning! 
Note Corkscrewing in beaver tail.  This Storm produced 8 tornadoes!! 
Awesome stuff!  Morland Kansas June 09, 2005.  VidCap by Ron.

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Tornado Warning! Tornadic Supercell near Linkin Kansas.  This storm produced 4 tornadoes!
See Recent Chases/Pics for other storm images.  Photo by Ron on May 27, 2010.


Tornado Warning!  Mildmay Ontario July 08 2007
This awesome supercell produced 5 tornadoes! 
Copy and paste the link below to see the low res video on YouTube 
VidCap image by Ron


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